6/12/17 – The Apartment – Birthday & Out of Towner Dances

  • Date: June 12, 2017
  • Location: The Apartment (upstairs from Lion Head Pub)
  • Song: Title – Artist
  • Dancers – Ismene, Chris Cooley, Linda, Brennan Bowman, Chloe, Christian Kulujian, Andy Weaver, Rhonda Weiche, Sidney Friedman, Jim O’Neal, Mark Castillo, Cathy Rose, Ben Messerly

Video footage © Chris Rios

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  1. Rhonda Weiche

    I came across this video and although I was newer at dancing then, I don’t have any dance videos. I remember this was a fun night. I stopped in on my way home to St. Louis from ABW.
    So I have a favor to ask. Is there any chance someone would be willing to email this to me? I don’t see where I can download it or else I would. 🙂

    Thanks and hope to dance again sooner than later,

    Rhonda Weiche

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